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Event Tips
Here are a few helpful tips and recommended amounts when buying alcohol for your next event.
Helpful Tips and Reminders
  • Be sure to have plenty of ice to keep beverages cold.  Keep in mind the weather.  Hot days require more ice. 
  • Ice down beer, wine, soft drinks and water atleast 2 hrs prior to the event. 
  • Bottle openers....this is a necessity!
  • Glasses ,stirrers, straws and cocktail napkins
  • Have plenty of drink mixers based on the liquor selection
  • Slice all lemons, limes and garnishes prior to the event
  • Bottled water... Keep in mind the weather.
  • Not all your guests will drink alcohol.  Remeber to have assorted soft drinks, infused water, coffee and tea.
Recommended Amounts
  • Liquor    
One liter per 6 guests
  • Wine and champagne 
One bottle red wine per five guests; one bottle white wine per five guests;                                 one bottle champagne per 10 guests
  • Beer 
24 beers per 10 guests
  • Liqueurs 
One bottle per six guests
  • Juices, sodas and tonic 
Two quarts for every liter of gin, tequila, vodka, whiskey; one quart for every liter of bourbon, brandy, rum
  • Ice for drinks
1/2 pound per person
  • Garnishes 
Three lemons per 10 guests; three limes per 10 guests